Artist Statement

 I seem to always find myself in a constant quest seeking out truth, in all forms. Hoping that I will eventually stumble upon a common thread that often goes unseen. 

Over the past decade that I have spent connecting and using portraiture as a narrative I have come to understand it is about timing, patience, truth and meaning. It understands where the pauses are, it not only looks for an end result, but for a rich intentional series of moments that combine to create a beautiful, transformative experience. It captures the in-between moments and places value on each step of the way. 

 My work spans a wide range of portraiture, including photographs of children to adults. A majority very personal, a visual memoir if you will. I derive motive from personal experience. My photographs are a direct visual archive of these experiences. It is my goal to transport the viewer into these moments of space and time and the things that inhabit them.